Heart Opening Tips

There are many benefits of an opened heart, ranging from the healthy heart beat to feeling in love with life to experiencing deeper connection with others.

Over the last few years I had found the following regime the most effective. 

  1. Start the day with the heart focused meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza offers numerous meditations centered on the heart. Some of my favorites are “Walking Meditation 2” and “Creating Heart Coherence”.
  2. Take 1/8 tsp of Etherium Pink Heart Harmony Powder
  3. Make a morning Heart Opening Cup of Magic. I love this recipe by Anima Mundi: 

+ 1 Tbsp Heirloom Cacao

+1 tsp Mucuna

+ 1 cup Blue Lotus tea

+ 1/2 tsp Euphoria Elixir

+ Plant-based Milk

+ Hot Water

I also like to add Bulletproof Brain Octain C8 MCT Oil and Ghee. Blend it all together for 30 seconds.

Meditation journeys

I took a five day online course with a group of others in which I had a series of profound meditation experiences. Below I am making an attempt to convey the messages I have received with my internal senses that, I believe, change the trajectory of my life.

“There Is Only I And You”

I walk into a large hall. I am in a center of the room and feel presence of some one(s). The attention is on me. Question is asked: what is true for you now? Immediately, I go to my proven default protocol to feel grateful, I started listing all the things (including Earth and its creatures) and people in my life I am grateful for. As I was done with my list, all the things that I listed disappeared, vanished completely, there is nothing left… black space. The question came: now what’s true for you? I am a bit flabbergasted. Not finding anything else, I say that I am grateful to God… Then the notion of God disappeared as well. There is black space only and awareness of me. I hear the words: there is only “I” the awareness and “You” the observer.
I now see how preconceived concepts and doubts of my own omnipotence are holding me back. Here, in the planning room of my journey ahead, I recognise the seed of my imagination is held tightly by the hold of experiences formed in the limited reality. I am releasing it now to unleash the fullest potential of my existence, to override the conventional third dimensional existence with the unlimited manifestations handed down to me by the Creator.

“Memory Of My Authentic Essence”

I walk out of the dark woods. It is cold winter night, the ground is covered in snow. I see a house ahead, the lights inside are on. I walk over and into the house. There is light everywhere. But I don’t see anyone. Nevertheless, I feel and instinctively know there is a joyous gathering. I contemplate on why I can’t see anything. Immediately I hear the answer: “That’s because you refuse to see”. I say to myself: “I am open to see”. Instantaneously, the room is filled with guests gathered around a long “L” shaped table, a celebration is in progress. All attention is on me. I feel embarrassed and shy, thinking that I am an uninvited comer and now everyone is looking at me. I want to shrink to become smaller and unnoticeable. A woman comes toward me and wraps her arm around my shoulder, reassuring me to join the party. She says: “The guests have gathered to celebrate my return”. She gives me a chalice with some liquid. As I drink, the liquid warms up my internal cells. I feel the warmth spreads throughout my body, the tightness starts to melt away, I am warming up inside. I am starting to feel the desire to join the celebration. Someone suggested if I would like to dance. I happily agree, I love dancing. I started to twirl in the center of the room, inviting others to join the joy of dance. I hear someone commented: “Now, she is back! She has loving, gentle igniting energy, inspiring others to feel the joy and love of Life”.
The party and house disappear. I am in front of a Presence of God. I see a swirling concentric colourful circles with a violet light on the outside.
As the access channel starts fading away I hear parting message: “Celebrate yourself often. By celebrating yourself, you celebrate me”.

“Integration with Higher Self”

I am in a deep trance meditation space. A woman takes my hand leading me to a cave with curved pathway. Despite the darkness of the cave, there is light emitting from the woman, I can easily see ahead. We are approaching a windy staircase leading up into infinity. The steps are different height and slop. The woman proceeds up the stairs effortlessly without touching the steps. I follow her, but my climb is heavy and exhausting. I barely can catch up. Seeing my struggle, she stops me on the next platform. She tells me that I have to change my approach in order to proceed. “Release all preconceived knowledge of physical material understanding of existence and all the doubts formed from my limited perspective. Know without a drop of doubt that what I/You intend is already done”. We resume the climb. It feels easier now, my feet barely touch the stone. It seems as I am floating just an inch above the steps. However, after a period of time I notice I start to lag behind. We stop again, I re-calibrate. We proceed forward. The staircase and the opening begins to narrow. It seems the woman does not even notice it and continues as if nothing different. I notice in internal inquiry, how am I going to fit through. I quickly recognise that only the external form has changed, my resolution to proceed reaffirmed and we exit the underground into the high mountain space. We walk the invisible bridge to get to the platform on a mountain cliff. There I see a circle of men sitting around the fire. My woman leader and I join the circle. No one moved or made any acknowledgement of our arrival. We sit across from each other separated by the fire in complete silence. I look into her eyes, they feel magnetic. She turns into a cobra and enters my pineal gland, swirling down the spinal cord, leaving black passage behind. As she reaches the base, another cobra of white colour immediately swirls up. Both meet at the pineal gland. The central channel expands, grows bigger and bigger, bigger than Earth. It becomes a circumference around the Universe. The meditation ends.

Meditation Experience

Yesterday, I have received a Full Spirit Activation healing by a guide from MMS. This energetic healing suppose to unlock one’s full spirit potential.

I was doing my usual morning meditation this morning listening to one of Joe Dispenza’s tracks. I started to pay close attention and started to his instructions. Shortly after I noticed that today’s meditation feels very different, I made a mental note. The music became alive and vivid. It had shapes and volume. All of a sudden I found myself (the thought of myself), standing in the middle of music space. It felt as if I am standing in the middle of the forest. Except instead of trees, there was music all around me. I was submerged into the depth of sounds, changing shapes and form like a wave, smooth and etheric. As soon as I notice the unusualness of it I snapped out of it, made another mental note, and went back to it. I basked in the exquisiteness and the beauty of the musical present moment, It felt like I was at one with each and single note and sounds that was moving around me.
After some time, the instructions and music rhythm changed. I saw the wave of energy extending like a hand and as I followed the hand, at the end of it the palm opened and there was another wave of energy that started to grow upward like a cone, higher and higher until at the very top it stoped. Then like a flower blossom started opening up and a bright yellow light broke through. In the very middle of the light a Goddess like figure was standing. She had something like a crown around her head. Bright yellow light surrounds her entire body. She has some long yellow veil of light in the back of her. Her eyes are directed upward showing her devotion and offering of utter service to something higher, creator and creatrix of the world. I hear the words: “I am the bringer of Light to the world”.
From that vantage point I understood that this is my mission.

A Journey From Victimhood To Gratitude

Being stuck in a victimhood is not a fun experience for me. It feels heavy, gloomy and purposeless. When I am there I forget how it feels on the other side. I forget that the other side exists. It feels like getting lost in a labyrinth, you take many turns hoping for an exit but finding a dead end instead.

I was pitying myself about a feedback I received recently. The feedback was spot on and direct. It hit right in the center of my heart. The very most thing I had been working tirelessly (it seems) to stay present, grounded and centered in my own being, had been reflected back to me as the opposite: not present but absent. From all the consciousness studies I have done, I knew I called in for that experience. Nonetheless, intellectual knowing was not helping me this time. Days and weeks passed by, I was stuck in the past of that experience, feeling angry, sad, lost, perplexed and confused. I felt blocked to see the gift of the experience. However, I was committed to uncover it. I pulled in all my practices and tricks I could think of: Byron Katie, CLG, Shadow work, meditation, journaling, breath, rest, intention. Through this process I realized, I can’t accelerate my growth based on my desire alone. It is an alchemical process, that goes through stages. Each stage is important and necessary.

First stage was the shock of the feedback. “How could this be happening to me?”. Then it was anger. “How dare this feedback was delivered to me, the way it was delivered?”. After that sadness came in: “I had been working so hard but still feels like I am back at square one”. Then confusion: what is it trying to teach me? How do I raise above this?

Then the specks of light started to come through the thick layer of confusion, some aha! moment that could actually reach my conscious understanding. With the help of a friend who reminded me of the light I have when I am fully empowered and in my body, I was able to connect back to my true self, to the one who loves Life and who trusts the infinite Wisdom within. With the help of another friend, I was able to connect with the aspect in me that needed to be integrated. The warrior woman, The Valkyrie that runs through my blood wants to be known, enabled and empowered within. She feels so familiar and so hot. She warms my body with incredible fire, ready to take on any challenge, her fire lives in my heart.

The last stage in this process is profound gratitude for the feedback given. That gratitude feels warm in the heart and healing for the mind.

Reflection: The ignited anger fueled me to continue on in my search for the treasure underneath the harsh packaging. I created this situation for my own good on the path of my growth. The jolt had to be strong enough for me to take on the momentum that would lead me to the finish line where I met my Warrior woman. How strong, powerful and sexy she is.

Integrating Shadow Personalities

Yesterday I had a session on integrating my shadow beliefs with a good friend. We started with me sharing a particular situation that takes up a lot of my energy and is distracting me from being present. Then we went into a meditation to meet a part of me (persona that lives within me) that wants to be acknowledged.

In the process I realized there is a side of my personality that is committed to working hard, to carry the weight, to be “the working horse”, to do the work without asking why. She is bent down from fatigue, she doesn’t know the other way is possible. Her belief is “that’s how things are done here”. She works hard to survive.

I look into her eyes. She is kind and obedient. She plays by the rules. She tends to nature. The gift she brings is perseverance.

To integrate this quality into my psyche I follow her instructions to go outside every morning to breath in fresh air and swirl around. As I am doing so, I feel the freedom permeating my entire body. The wind in my face, the feeling of my feet touching the ground, deeply grounded yet free to move in the air.

I am feeling the freedom through my body, I recognize the sensations in my cells. This gives me a tangible anchor that I come back to, in my mind, any time I am feeling trapped in my thoughts.

Peace of Mind In The Midst of Chaos

How can I find peace in the midst of chaos: time of uncertainty, screaming for attention children, uncomfortable body sensations?

Coming back to presence through breathing, discerning fact and story and reminding myself that all events are neutral, only my interpretaions of them create my experience are the practice that comes to mind. What is my story? What are my attachments to the story? Examining these attachments and looking for a root cause. What are they showing me? Can I let this one go now? Committing for myself to change my story to re-align myself to a deeper peace and truth of who I am.

My daughter did not start working on her homework until 4pm yesterday. From morning till then she had been trying really hard to start studying but distracted herself in various ways: crying, pitying herself, filling her stomach with food, getting a headache. Studying consciousness for a few years now, I understand she is reflecting back to me an aspect of myself and I clearly see the same patterns in me when it comes to committing to my purpose.

I look at her struggle with compassion and dismay, with anger and fear, with love and understanding all at the same time, layered on top of each other like a layered cake. 

My story is that I am not a good mother, reacting to my child’s struggle, barely controlling my emotions and walking away from her to find a moment alone. Separating fact from story lets me see my fear more clearly. Hugging my shoulders and shaking my body vigorously, feeling the fear feels good, feels energizing! Once the shaking subsides, I ask the question: What is my fear about? What am I scared of? The thought comes in: “What-if I can’t fulfil my mission?”, “What if I fail?”. A light-hearted laughter enters upon realization: Do you think it is up to your little ego self to be in charge of your mission? Open up to a Greater Power and Trust! 

Projections into the Future

I had a “poor me” moment today. Started earlier in the morning when I reacted to my daughter’s struggle with homework. Upon self-reflection, I realized I was scared to be a bad parent. I was projecting into the future, what-if my daughter, who is struggling with homework, will not be able to finish all assignments, her teacher will judge her and me, this will create downstream effect into the later school years, she fails to become who she wants to be and turns into a struggling adult, trying to figure out how to get out of the matrix, she will be disappointed with life and with me as her mother. In my reactive state, I had my daughter’s future into her adult life planned out. How frightening! I got scared of something that is decades away. Funny enough, these thoughts are appearing during the historical moment of Covid-19’s global shut down. Ironically, now more than ever we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next week, let alone next decade.

Back to “poor me”. I feel below the line and scared because I don’t have enough time to spend more time meditating and doing various practices in my strive for self-healing, to understand the nature of human immortality and to reach enlightenment. There are countless interfering factors that come on a daily basis: kids, corporate job, house projects, etc. I don’t have enough time to be more committed to my goal. 

Speaking of the goal, what is my goal? My goal is to live fully, peacefully and joyfully every moment. Hah! Instead, I find myself often too serious. I project into the future: what-if I don’t live my highest potential and instead get struck in repetitive self-destructing patterns of fear, anger and sadness? My future projections are pointing to a future different from my goal and they generate an entropy, disrupting and preventing me to reach my goal. In other words, my future projections is the link in the cycle that has to be interrupted and broken. And here I come to the full circle of understanding on a real life example of what all the consciousness teachers have been pointing out in my studies.

How to break the cycle?

Here are the steps I found useful thus far:

  1. Notice you are projecting.
  2. Pause, breath in and breathe out. Come to presence through breath.
  3. Accept you are being scared and look at yourself through the eyes of compassion.
  4. Recalibrate by reminding yourself: “This moment is here for my learning”.
  5. Search for the gift of it. (this may take more than a moment). Continue to look into it. Notice the emotions that arise. 
  6. Be grateful.
  7. Reset, come back to your Faith and savour every moment of life.

Judgements As A Gift

Judgements that we make about others are pointers that show us what we have not accepted and welcomed within ourselves. Every time you notice a judgement arise, take it as a gift to help you identify yet another thing to look at on the path of loving your whole self.

To know who you are is to embrace the totality of all aspects that you accepted and denied, loved and rejected.

Emotions that accompany judgements are showing us the way we ought to be to become the best version of ourselves. When we listen to the language of our emotions and follow through on their messages we are shaving off the old baggage and patterns and open up the space for our best potential to flourish.

Gift of Feeling Overwhelmed

Today, I came out from an hour and a half meditation feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to do so much during this precious one day of Saturday where I am relieved from the duty of being at my corporate job. I wanted to take a long energizing and cleansing shower, I wanted to do my Mystery School morning ritual, I wanted to call in and anchor sacred rays for healing of the plants in my backyard, I wanted to scrub the floors and clean spotless the kitchen, I wanted to make some delicious healthy meal for my friend who is coming over tonight and most of all I wanted to listen and watch hours and hours of various spiritual teachers who achieved certain level of enlightenment for which I aspire myself.

So, recognizing this feeling of overwhelm, instead of my usual jump out of bed and get to as many things as I can fit in a day in a sequential order, I closed my eyes and went back to meditative state to consult with my higher self and my spirit guides. We went to a boardroom to sit in a circle. Each guide gave his perspective why I want to do each one of those things I got myself overwhelmed with. After the meeting, I opened my eyes and was pulled into turning on the healing frequencies music on Spotify. My body started to move along with the notes, merging myself into the melody, matching each movement to the rhythm, feeling each muscle in my beautiful body, stretching my body to its limit in a pleasurable way. It was a combination of ecstatic dance, deep muscle stretch and yoga poses. After feeling merged deeper with the higher consciousness, I moved myself to the shower and tented to every visible inch of my body, doing dry skin brushing, warm shower, himalayian salt scrub, cold shower accompanied with intensive breathing, toning, drying up my skin, brushing my hair, admiring new hair growth, cleaning the bathroom floor. All of that done in the slowest pace I could, tuning into each moment to appreciate the treasure of it. Through this experience, I realized I can combine my wants to deepen my spiritual practice and attain higher levels of consciousness all at once. All at once I can do deep breathing, I can do toning and embodied movements and meditating. My activities became my meditation. How wonderful it is to know that I can be meditating every single moment of my day if I slow down enough, almost to a point of a halt, to get back on track to catch the invisible wave of higher consciousness available to me any time, when I tune into it.

And with this thought, I bless this writing, to strengthen the memory of this realization.


All levels of consciousness are available to me at all times. All is required of me to tune my focus to the level I desire to experience. The challenge is that the focus must be as sharp as a laser beam if I want to jump to a higher level of consciousness.

How do you know you are on your path?

You can be rest assured you are on your path at all times. The question is are you walking the most straight and narrow path as you can? Are you living your life at your fullest potential? Will you be looking at your life on your deathbed thinking, yes, my life was extraordinary all the way through, there are no regrets.

The answer is revealed when you look inside of you and all around you. Are you finding yourself in the most exquisite surroundings? Are you waking up in the morning jumping out of bed with excitement to start your day? Are you walking at the same pulse as Universal Love? Or you do find yourself bumping into the same thoughts, worries and reactions over and over again?

When you are living in the flow of life, you are skipping when your heart is filled with joy. You cry cleansing tears when sadness comes over you. You scream your lungs out and shake your fists when something doesn’t feel right to you. Your hide in the corner of your bed sheepishly peeking out of the blanket when you are scared. And you embrace joyously every one of those moments, knowing there is a part of you looking lovingly and admiring the intensity of all of your experiences, the “good” and the “bad”. There is a part of you noticing “wow, this is what it means to be a human, how wonderful this life is”. 

to be continued…