Heart Opening Tips

Over the last few years I had found the following regime the most effective.

There are many benefits of an opened heart, ranging from the healthy heart beat to feeling in love with life to experiencing deeper connection with others.

  1. Start the day with the heart focused meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza offers numerous meditations centered on the heart. Some of my favorites are “Walking Meditation 2” and “Creating Heart Coherence”.
  2. Be Of Service to Others
  3. Take 1/8 tsp of Etherium Pink Heart Harmony Powder
  4. Make a morning Heart Opening Cup of Magic. I love this recipe by Anima Mundi:

+ 1 Tbsp Heirloom Cacao

+1 tsp Mucuna

+ 1 cup Blue Lotus tea

+ 1/2 tsp Euphoria Elixir

+ Plant-based Milk

+ Hot Water

I also like to add Bulletproof Brain Octain C8 MCT Oil and Ghee. Blend it all together for 30 seconds.