How do you know you are on your path?

You can be rest assured you are on your path at all times. The question is are you walking the most straight and narrow path as you can? Are you living your life at your fullest potential? Will you be looking at your life on your deathbed thinking, yes, my life was extraordinary all the way through, there are no regrets.

The answer is revealed when you look inside of you and all around you. Are you finding yourself in the most exquisite surroundings? Are you waking up in the morning jumping out of bed with excitement to start your day? Are you walking at the same pulse as Universal Love? Or you do find yourself bumping into the same thoughts, worries and reactions over and over again?

When you are living in the flow of life, you are skipping when your heart is filled with joy. You cry cleansing tears when sadness comes over you. You scream your lungs out and shake your fists when something doesn’t feel right to you. Your hide in the corner of your bed sheepishly peeking out of the blanket when you are scared. And you embrace joyously every one of those moments, knowing there is a part of you looking lovingly and admiring the intensity of all of your experiences, the “good” and the “bad”. There is a part of you noticing “wow, this is what it means to be a human, how wonderful this life is”. 

to be continued…

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