Meditation journeys

I took a five day online course with a group of others in which I had a series of profound meditation experiences. Below I am making an attempt to convey the messages I have received with my internal senses that, I believe, change the trajectory of my life.

“There Is Only I And You”

I walk into a large hall. I am in a center of the room and feel presence of some one(s). The attention is on me. Question is asked: what is true for you now? Immediately, I go to my proven default protocol to feel grateful, I started listing all the things (including Earth and its creatures) and people in my life I am grateful for. As I was done with my list, all the things that I listed disappeared, vanished completely, there is nothing left… black space. The question came: now what’s true for you? I am a bit flabbergasted. Not finding anything else, I say that I am grateful to God… Then the notion of God disappeared as well. There is black space only and awareness of me. I hear the words: there is only “I” the awareness and “You” the observer.
I now see how preconceived concepts and doubts of my own omnipotence are holding me back. Here, in the planning room of my journey ahead, I recognise the seed of my imagination is held tightly by the hold of experiences formed in the limited reality. I am releasing it now to unleash the fullest potential of my existence, to override the conventional third dimensional existence with the unlimited manifestations handed down to me by the Creator.

“Memory Of My Authentic Essence”

I walk out of the dark woods. It is cold winter night, the ground is covered in snow. I see a house ahead, the lights inside are on. I walk over and into the house. There is light everywhere. But I don’t see anyone. Nevertheless, I feel and instinctively know there is a joyous gathering. I contemplate on why I can’t see anything. Immediately I hear the answer: “That’s because you refuse to see”. I say to myself: “I am open to see”. Instantaneously, the room is filled with guests gathered around a long “L” shaped table, a celebration is in progress. All attention is on me. I feel embarrassed and shy, thinking that I am an uninvited comer and now everyone is looking at me. I want to shrink to become smaller and unnoticeable. A woman comes toward me and wraps her arm around my shoulder, reassuring me to join the party. She says: “The guests have gathered to celebrate my return”. She gives me a chalice with some liquid. As I drink, the liquid warms up my internal cells. I feel the warmth spreads throughout my body, the tightness starts to melt away, I am warming up inside. I am starting to feel the desire to join the celebration. Someone suggested if I would like to dance. I happily agree, I love dancing. I started to twirl in the center of the room, inviting others to join the joy of dance. I hear someone commented: “Now, she is back! She has loving, gentle igniting energy, inspiring others to feel the joy and love of Life”.
The party and house disappear. I am in front of a Presence of God. I see a swirling concentric colourful circles with a violet light on the outside.
As the access channel starts fading away I hear parting message: “Celebrate yourself often. By celebrating yourself, you celebrate me”.

“Integration with Higher Self”

I am in a deep trance meditation space. A woman takes my hand leading me to a cave with curved pathway. Despite the darkness of the cave, there is light emitting from the woman, I can easily see ahead. We are approaching a windy staircase leading up into infinity. The steps are different height and slop. The woman proceeds up the stairs effortlessly without touching the steps. I follow her, but my climb is heavy and exhausting. I barely can catch up. Seeing my struggle, she stops me on the next platform. She tells me that I have to change my approach in order to proceed. “Release all preconceived knowledge of physical material understanding of existence and all the doubts formed from my limited perspective. Know without a drop of doubt that what I/You intend is already done”. We resume the climb. It feels easier now, my feet barely touch the stone. It seems as I am floating just an inch above the steps. However, after a period of time I notice I start to lag behind. We stop again, I re-calibrate. We proceed forward. The staircase and the opening begins to narrow. It seems the woman does not even notice it and continues as if nothing different. I notice in internal inquiry, how am I going to fit through. I quickly recognise that only the external form has changed, my resolution to proceed reaffirmed and we exit the underground into the high mountain space. We walk the invisible bridge to get to the platform on a mountain cliff. There I see a circle of men sitting around the fire. My woman leader and I join the circle. No one moved or made any acknowledgement of our arrival. We sit across from each other separated by the fire in complete silence. I look into her eyes, they feel magnetic. She turns into a cobra and enters my pineal gland, swirling down the spinal cord, leaving black passage behind. As she reaches the base, another cobra of white colour immediately swirls up. Both meet at the pineal gland. The central channel expands, grows bigger and bigger, bigger than Earth. It becomes a circumference around the Universe. The meditation ends.

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