Gift of Feeling Overwhelmed

Today, I came out from an hour and a half meditation feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to do so much during this precious one day of Saturday where I am relieved from the duty of being at my corporate job. I wanted to take a long energizing and cleansing shower, I wanted to do my Mystery School morning ritual, I wanted to call in and anchor sacred rays for healing of the plants in my backyard, I wanted to scrub the floors and clean spotless the kitchen, I wanted to make some delicious healthy meal for my friend who is coming over tonight and most of all I wanted to listen and watch hours and hours of various spiritual teachers who achieved certain level of enlightenment for which I aspire myself.

So, recognizing this feeling of overwhelm, instead of my usual jump out of bed and get to as many things as I can fit in a day in a sequential order, I closed my eyes and went back to meditative state to consult with my higher self and my spirit guides. We went to a boardroom to sit in a circle. Each guide gave his perspective why I want to do each one of those things I got myself overwhelmed with. After the meeting, I opened my eyes and was pulled into turning on the healing frequencies music on Spotify. My body started to move along with the notes, merging myself into the melody, matching each movement to the rhythm, feeling each muscle in my beautiful body, stretching my body to its limit in a pleasurable way. It was a combination of ecstatic dance, deep muscle stretch and yoga poses. After feeling merged deeper with the higher consciousness, I moved myself to the shower and tented to every visible inch of my body, doing dry skin brushing, warm shower, himalayian salt scrub, cold shower accompanied with intensive breathing, toning, drying up my skin, brushing my hair, admiring new hair growth, cleaning the bathroom floor. All of that done in the slowest pace I could, tuning into each moment to appreciate the treasure of it. Through this experience, I realized I can combine my wants to deepen my spiritual practice and attain higher levels of consciousness all at once. All at once I can do deep breathing, I can do toning and embodied movements and meditating. My activities became my meditation. How wonderful it is to know that I can be meditating every single moment of my day if I slow down enough, almost to a point of a halt, to get back on track to catch the invisible wave of higher consciousness available to me any time, when I tune into it.

And with this thought, I bless this writing, to strengthen the memory of this realization.


All levels of consciousness are available to me at all times. All is required of me to tune my focus to the level I desire to experience. The challenge is that the focus must be as sharp as a laser beam if I want to jump to a higher level of consciousness.

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