Integrating Shadow Personalities

Yesterday I had a session on integrating my shadow beliefs with a good friend. We started with me sharing a particular situation that takes up a lot of my energy and is distracting me from being present. Then we went into a meditation to meet a part of me (persona that lives within me) that wants to be acknowledged.

In the process I realized there is a side of my personality that is committed to working hard, to carry the weight, to be “the working horse”, to do the work without asking why. She is bent down from fatigue, she doesn’t know the other way is possible. Her belief is “that’s how things are done here”. She works hard to survive.

I look into her eyes. She is kind and obedient. She plays by the rules. She tends to nature. The gift she brings is perseverance.

To integrate this quality into my psyche I follow her instructions to go outside every morning to breath in fresh air and swirl around. As I am doing so, I feel the freedom permeating my entire body. The wind in my face, the feeling of my feet touching the ground, deeply grounded yet free to move in the air.

I am feeling the freedom through my body, I recognize the sensations in my cells. This gives me a tangible anchor that I come back to, in my mind, any time I am feeling trapped in my thoughts.

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