Meditation Experience

Yesterday, I have received a Full Spirit Activation healing by a guide from MMS. This energetic healing suppose to unlock one’s full spirit potential.

I was doing my usual morning meditation this morning listening to one of Joe Dispenza’s tracks. I started to pay close attention and started to his instructions. Shortly after I noticed that today’s meditation feels very different, I made a mental note. The music became alive and vivid. It had shapes and volume. All of a sudden I found myself (the thought of myself), standing in the middle of music space. It felt as if I am standing in the middle of the forest. Except instead of trees, there was music all around me. I was submerged into the depth of sounds, changing shapes and form like a wave, smooth and etheric. As soon as I notice the unusualness of it I snapped out of it, made another mental note, and went back to it. I basked in the exquisiteness and the beauty of the musical present moment, It felt like I was at one with each and single note and sounds that was moving around me.
After some time, the instructions and music rhythm changed. I saw the wave of energy extending like a hand and as I followed the hand, at the end of it the palm opened and there was another wave of energy that started to grow upward like a cone, higher and higher until at the very top it stoped. Then like a flower blossom started opening up and a bright yellow light broke through. In the very middle of the light a Goddess like figure was standing. She had something like a crown around her head. Bright yellow light surrounds her entire body. She has some long yellow veil of light in the back of her. Her eyes are directed upward showing her devotion and offering of utter service to something higher, creator and creatrix of the world. I hear the words: “I am the bringer of Light to the world”.
From that vantage point I understood that this is my mission.

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