These are the phrases and beliefs I hold closely in my consciousness:

“All is Love. When circumstances, people and events don’t look loving, be rest assured they are. Sometimes, Life has to orchestrate situations that appear hard and harsh. That’s because if they weren’t that way we would not notice them and thus not learn from them to heal ourselves.” – message from meditation.

We are creating our reality all the time. Learn how to create yours consciously.

“Never regret your choices. There is a good reason why you made them. You may not know all the reasons. Trust they are for your own good”. – message from meditation

“I know enough. I have enough. I do enough. I AM ENOUGH.” – message from meditation

“I am feminine. I am sensual. I am sexual. I am powerful. Don’t ever mistake my kindness for weakness, and don’t ever take me for granted.” – Sierra Bender.

“I’d rather be whole than good”. – Carl Jung

“I love you and I thank you” (repeat that in the head while having a difficult conversation).

“Ease. Flow. Relax your body to allow ease. Life flows through you when you allow it”. – message from mediation

“On the other end of Fear of Unknown is Adventure. Will your desire for adventure overcome the fear of unknown?” – message from meditation

“Celebrate yourself often. When you celebrate yourself, you celebrate me.” – message from the meditation on meeting with God.

“My needs are as important as everyone else’s needs”. – mantra to overcome the unconscious helper in me.

“As you raise your vibration, the weight of your load despite the large size becomes lighter and lighter” – message from a meditation journey.

I am inspired by Life. – daily affirmation